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One of the most freeing feelings for me, is dancing. It’s not only my top choice for exercising but I find it to be somewhat therapeutic. I dance in my car, while I clean, half-assed and naked in the shower (which I don’t recommend), and occasionally when I’ve had a bit too much to drink at a bar.

Those are all pretty private places to dance or require some amount of alcohol so you’re probably assuming I’m not so good. I’ve never taken any dance lessons but since I was a little girl I could always carry the beat in my feet and quite honestly, I think I’m a pretty good dancer. I did after all make the pom squad my freshman year of highschool despite trying out with a sprained ankle.
(Little tip: think highly of yourself, don’t downplay what your good at. Being honest about your abilities will raise your self-esteem when you might be feeling low from a break up)

Regardless of if your good or if you even think you can, the book recommends that, “Next time you go to a party, flirt like mad and dance like crazy. The great thing about being single is that you don’t have to worry about a cranky, jealous partner who’s sulking in the corner because you’re not paying him/her enough attention.”

My boyfriend wasn’t much of a dancer and I suppressed my talent and desire to dance because he wouldn’t join me. Respectfully, I chose not to dance with any “randoms” at the bars. And my friends aren’t the dancing kind of group so for years I’ve stuck to my room, my car, and the shower.

However, this past weekend my boyfriend’s family and I hosted a night to celebrate and remember him. We invited all his friends and our friends and threw a benefit party in his honor at a local tavern and pizzeria. We decorated accordingly and had food, drinks, raffles, a DJ and of course dancing!

The floor was pretty empty for awhile. One of my closest friends, Danni, knowing I hadn’t had a good time in a long while dragged me out on the floor when my favorite artist’s voice blasted through the speakers. She continued to parade around the room telling people not to let me off the dance floor because I needed to have a good time.

Now I was hosting this event and therefore had limited myself to a single drink at the beginning of the evening which I had been nursing in my hands for hours. I had little to no alcohol in my system by the time Danni had convinced the entire party to stand guard and watch as I stood on the dance floor unable to break the circle of people surrounding me as she had instructed. When I tried escape some guy gave me the stop sign with his hand and turned me right around.

While I took the opportunity to dance by myself in front of pretty much everyone. It wasn’t long before people started to join me!! At some point I grabbed the microphone and started a mini karaoke session right there on the dance floor.

It was indeed therapeutic and completely freeing, a welcome change from standing at the bar and watching others have the time of their lives. It was even kind of nice to have all eyes on me for the short time that I was out there alone. I actually really enjoyed myself and I think it broke me out of my rut! Even as embarrassing as it started out, I am so grateful for my friend’s determination to force me out there and I’d encourage others to do it on their own! Being single after all, is all about seizing the moment!