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The other day I posted on facebook about my 14 day detox, which was self researched and invented, and something I have done once or twice a year for three years. A lot of my friends and family responded positively to it and inquired about it through message. Some were interested in hearing more about it and getting my recipes. So ofcourse I thought about my blog!

I’m jumping ahead to chapter two of my book which is all about Creating a Happy, Healthy You. I’m not sure about any of you, but I gain weight when I’m in a relationship. Not only do I get all comfortable with my body image but I go out to eat more and out to be active less. My last relationship was all about eating out for dinner and cuddling up to watch movies.

In general we as a society, see food as something for enjoyment, when in all actuality food is substance, required for our health and energy. If we didn’t have to eat would we waste our precious time doing so?

If you know me, you know I have been following Weight Watchers points plus program for weight loss. I’m not over-weight and I’m not obsessed with losing any but I know what weight I feel good at and I like to maintain it. Now, my birthday falls in January and for that week I allow myself to eat WHATEVER I want without counting points. This year I went to olive garden TWICE. But, the two weeks after that is dedicated to my detox! The goal is to cleanse the systems of the hormones, preservatives, and other chemicals found in foods. The jumpstart to weight loss is merely a bonus. For two weeks I restrict my “diet” to organic fruits and vegetables and lots of water.

That may sounds crazy but it’s benefits; the surprise energy surge, the feeling of being light and healthy, and the motivation to keep it up is all well worth it.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with my book, but I assure you, the second chapter, “Create a Happy, Healthy You” is all about exercise, eating right, and working on improving your mood. The book recommends that if waking up alone makes you feel low, then treat yourself to a fruit smoothie for breakfast to pep you up! Something about bananas and serotonin levels and keeping depression at bay.

Now I love fruit smoothies! Not the kind you get from Jamba Juice or pre-made in the stores. No the fresh homemade kind, right from your kitchen. I own a blender and a magic bullet-like device that makes single serve smoothies. You can find them from Target or Walmart for twenty dollars. All you need to do is add some ice and some fruit and a splash of water or real fruit juice and you’ve got yourself a smoothie! I also regularly buy protein shake mix from Trader Joes and use them during my detox. Thus, the correlation between my book and the detox!

For my detox I stick to shopping at whole foods and occasionally Trader Joes. The produce section at whole foods is simply amazing! It screams “Eat healthy!” And I love the way things are pre-packaged. Below I’ve provided the grocery list for the first nine days. The key to this detox is to shop organic, therefore all the items below can be found organic at whole foods. You can make whatever changes you’d like so long as you stick to the organics and fruit & vegis.

Grocery List:


Grapes (purple and green come pre packaged)

Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries (prepackaged together)

Strawberries and Kiwi (also prepackaged together)


portabella mushrooms

Carrots, Califlower, Broccoli (also prepackaged together)

Peppers (red,yellow, green) mushroons, onion (also prepackaged together)

Potatoes (2)

Green onion



Sugar snap peas

Olive oil

Goat cheese




Chopped walnuts



Fat free or light organic balsamic vinaigrette

Ketchup (if you like it on your eggs)

I snack on fresh cut cantaloupe, grapes, and sugar snap peas. They are my go to.

When I’m not feeling the fruit or vegetables, my exception is the toppings to my favorite salad. Chopped walnuts, craisins, and gorgonzola cheese very lightly drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette and mixed together. I make these exceptions so I can occasionally have something other than fruits and vegis, and so I can make sure to get some protein in. Now you could throw the spinach lettuce back in and you’ve got yourself lunch.

I also make a trail mix of crasins, almonds, and chopped walnuts that I leave on the counter and take a handful when I’m feeling low.

For a meals I recommend

  • A protein shake ( I like to use strawberries and kiwi in them). Served with some steamed vegis or a baked potato, that makes a pretty good meal. Potatoes I eat pretty plain, no salt or butter, just pepper. That may not sound too appetizing but its filling and I like it. You might try it and enjoy it too! Remember food is for energy!
  • Steamed vegis can make a pretty filling meal believe it or not. I often just make a plate of steamed carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli or just asparagus. Drizzle some organic olive oil and lemon juice over them and enjoy!
  • I use organic egg whites to make scramblers. (Egg whites also being an occasional exception.) The pre-packaged red, yellow and green peppers, along with onions and mushrooms heated in a skillet with two eggs whites is delicious.
  • I lightly brush big portabella mushrooms with organic olive oil and put them in the oven at 375 for about 5 minutes. I then take them out and add goat cheese and chopped green onion before putting them back in the oven until they look soft, the cheese slightly golden, and ready to eat!

For dessert, I put a cup of granola in a bowl and add blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries until I have equal amounts of fruit and granola, it’s scrumptious!

The last five days of the detox are about working your way back to a more normal diet. By adding fat free meats into your “diet” such as having Trader Joes pre-cooked individually packaged seasoned chicken with dinner. I like my sweets so I add dark chocolate chips into my trail mix. Remember to maintain organic, fat free or light, and more healthy options. Nothing processed, and no alcohol or caffeine still! You may notice that after nine days of fruits and vegis you have the determination to continue eating healthy and making better choices. It’s a bonus!

It’s also key that during all this, you drink lots of water throughout the day. I drink nothing but water on a regular basis so it’s not difficult for me to keep that up. But incase you aren’t a “fan” of water being that it’s “plain”, then add some lemon or cucumbers. You can get adventurous and try other things like strawberries, slice grapefruit, etc. Drinking water flushes the system of the chemicals, preservatives, and hormones found in your non-organic food.

You’re putting healthy food in and flushing the not-so good stuff out. You’ll notice an increase in energy and be in a better mood! And ofcourse there’s the bonus weight loss! All things that create a healthy happy and single you!