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Let me start by apologizing for the lack of consistency in my writing. I’m trying to keep up with posting every Sunday but some weeks it’s just not realistic.

You see I have to actually do the things Eva Gizowska’s book, Things to do Now that you’re…single again, suggests. For some people this might be easy, but I imagine those people don’t have a(ny) child(ren). Usually I’m picking activities out in advance and planning how to pursue them.

Some of the books recommendations deal directly with the fact that being single equals spontaneity, which isn’t necessarily the case for someone with a child.  However, this week, I managed exactly that! (Or as close to that as I could get.)

Understand, I live by my planner. In addition to this book, my planner, is like a bible to a Christian for me. I write not only my schedule, but my child’s, my homework, my “to-do” list, my dietary needs, my phone numbers and addresses, and things to remember, among so much more, in this planner. If I lost it, I’d pretty much lose my mind. What’s in the planner gets done, and what isn’t, doesn’t. If I make plans, especially with someone, they are penciled in. If they aren’t penciled in, they aren’t likely to happen.

And moreover, my planner is jam-packed. I schedule what I’m doing each month, each week, each day. Some days I’m so booked, I schedule by the hour. If you call me on a Monday I am most likely booked two-weeks out. Infact, I’m known to plan each day, a whole month in advance.

What can I say, I’m busy, and I LOVE organization. If I didn’t plan, I’d always be scrambling to get my act together or taking on work hours when god forbid I actually have plans with friends for the first time in months.

So when my deceased boyfriend’s sister gets the idea on a Friday to go to the museum on Sunday my first thought it, “NO WAY!” I figure I’ve got to be busy. If it’s not work, it’s school, I couldn’t possibly be free. But wouldn’t you know, my planner is blank!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I had nothing to do. My “to do” list for that day was stacked. But the having to go somewhere or get my son to something, was not! For once I could sleep in if I wanted (as much as a single mother could). I even could go to the museum!

One of the things to do now that you’re single again is as simple as, “Relish your chance to let go of responsibility.  Go to the zoo and enjoy this time to be totally carefree.”

As mother with a zoo a town over, I may as well move in with the monkeys. I have a zoo membership, I’m there practically every weekend, I even went to zoo camp as a child and I’m convinced I could direct tours on the trams better then the employees.

Rather than heading to the same place, I opted for the museum! I haven’t been to Chicago’s field museum since…well I don’t even know. Grade school maybe? This seemed like the more enjoyable option.

After an early breakfast with my boyfriends family we piled into two cars and drove in to the city. Everyone was so excited! We couldn’t wait to see sue, the T-Rex skeleton. And having not remembered the place, I was eager to see what else they had.

However, getting there wasn’t so easy. We failed to note the amateur hockey game that took over the museum campus parking lots. It seemed soldier field, which is directly across from the field museum, forgot it had rented half it’s parking lot to the McCormick place for visitors of the Auto Show, leaving museum guest with jacked up parking rates and full lots. After circling the campus multiple times we drove to millennium park and found space at nearly the same price a great distance away.

Now normally this experience would be frustrating. Circling the same buildings in traffic with complete idiots directing traffic and people walking inbetween the cars would have me going crazy. Usually however, I’d be running on a schedule and this time I was carefree.

After finding out parking space we jumped on a shuttle bus we were told would get us to the museum, only to find it didn’t. the shuttle led us about the same distance away in the opposite direction of museum then the parking garage. (meaning we could have equally walked from millennium park.) Luckily the bus driver was willing to use his lunch break to make a pit stop at the museum. Though that was an adventure in itself! (secret bus only routes, closed off tunnels, driving on the wrong side of lake shore drive, traffic,  and otherwise) Three hours later we arrived at our destination!

By this point we had all wanted to give up and go home, I thought we might consider arguing about whose idea this was, but having nothing else to do for the day or worry about, having given up the anxiety associated with my endless responsibilities for the day, we all slapped on a happy face and walked into the museum!

Seeing sue was awesome, the Mummy’s creeped me out, the kids enjoyed shrinking into the underground, and I enjoyed being carefree for the first time in a long time.

However today is now Monday and yesterdays “to-do” list is waiting for me. Can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next week? We shall see!