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I have a wonderfully large family. My mother is one of eight and my father one of three. My childhood memories are overflowing with monthly “hamburger nights” with my relatives on my mother’s side and weekly Sunday dinners on my dad’s. But as we grew older and busy, our lives consumed with school and work and significant others, the meetings became only on holidays and rare occasions.

I find this odd, as so many of my friends are so close knit with their extended families. Though I supposed it’s because they often were in the same school at the same time, and that just wasn’t the case for my family, whose spread throughout multiple towns in different school districts and wide age range has my grandparents attending a graduation of some degree every year.

When I came to page twenty-nine of Eva Gizowska’s Things to do Now that You’re …Single Again, and read the suggestion to, “Start a book, film or theatre club (or any club based on a common theme) and meet once a month to discuss a book or see a film or play, and then talk about it afterwards” I knew that my female cousins were the ones I wanted to complete this “to-do” with!

Of course I’d love to have an excuse to regularly meet with them! Having something slightly obligatory would make seeing each other a must, a priority, and something we could all share!

Not all the girls were into the idea and have politely declined. We decided to meet every other month as we are all busy and therefore slow readers, we rotate who chooses the book and who hosts the get together, and there is no strict format to the discussion. We enjoy small plates and wine, good discussion, and most importantly each other’s company!

Aside from getting a good book in, experience a book of someone else’s taste, and spending quality time with people I love, meeting for book club is a short escape from the responsibilities of life. I can’t possibly seize the moment if I’m constantly weighed down by unending chores and duties as a mother and student. Book club, provides intelligent conversation and a bonus, glass of wine!

After the picture of our first meeting was snapped and share via social media, I have hope that more of my lovely cousins will attend.

How could you not? ; )