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I have to be honest; I wasn’t so sure the point of this task or how enjoyable it would be. I’m still not sure. The book says to “Enjoy the fact that you’re a free spirit and fly a kite on a windy day”.

Well yesterday was windy here in suburban Chicago, go figure, and my son had actually just received an awesome shark-looking kite from the Easter bunny! 1+1= something TWO do!

Off to the park we walked and I’d like to say up, up, and away it went, but I am as terrible a kite flyer, as I am a free spirit.

Free spirits have time for spontaneity and if it isn’t clear that I am not spontaneous, please refer to my post “Seize the Moment: Responsibility-less” for clarification. My kite flying skills are clearly non-existent. If it hadn’t been for my father who tagged along on this excursion at the request of my four year olds good negotiating, that kite wouldn’t have made it above my head.

Luckily, my father had that kite so high we nearly decided to cut the string and let her drift away then reel the line in.

Optimistically thinking, I learned. I learned kite flying though so simple, is more complicated than it looks. I discovered it’s not a skill I posses, currently. I determined it’s something I should try out more often as it was pretty neat! And I noticed once again how much my life lack spontaneity; something I truly wished was one of my better characteristics. Just something to work on!

This task was in no way the complete failure or boring experience I thought it would. Aside from the amazement and wonder so obviously painted on my son’s face, this to-do was peaceful. (That is once the kite got up) And peace is something don’t often I find myself surrounded in.

Kite flying is something I will try again, it’s at the very least a cheap and simple way to seize the moment of a windy day.kite