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This was the suggestion I went with this week. I have always been into astrological signs and fortune telling. I even play the lotto based off my Chinese fortune cookies. Not that I necessarily believe in all of them, or think that their theories will be true. But because in this case, the “what if’s” are usually fun!

What if…you won the lotto? What would you do first? Who would you tell? What would you buy? What if your fortune cookie was right? What if a pleasant surprise was waiting for you?

I’ve wanted to go to a fortune teller and have a palm reading on my birthday for years now but I’ve never been able to convince my friends.  So why not just learn to do it myself!

For this I stopped at the library. I had to go there anyways to check out book number two for my book club. (Update: We are reading Moloka’i. Infact I’m done! Good book and not my typical choice, which is part of why book club is so great!) You’d be surprised by the decent size selection there is for palm reading. I checked out the book, Palm Reading Find out your Future by Staci Mendoza and David Bourne, and got to reading.

Except I didn’t get right to reading. It’s far more complicated than one might imagine. I had to gather the materials; pen, paper, ruler, a pair of compasses, which I didn’t have and a relaxing atmosphere. I got to that last one and put this whole project off for a week, hence the delay. Until finally I gave up on the quiet space and then got to reading.

As I read, I marked the lines on my hands and jotted down notes about the sizes and shapes. It’s important to write your observations before looking into their meanings. Too easily you can dislike what you read and convince yourself that’s not really what you seeing. Honestly, I found it difficult to determine some of these lines and shapes as the book gave more description of the meanings then it did on how to decide what constituted for a deep palm or round one. You may think I am being silly, how hard could it be, but try it, you’ll see.

While I did skip over the few things I deemed undeterminable due to insufficient descriptions by the author, I was able to figure quite a bit out about my palm and future.

Here’s what I discovered:

My palm is longer than my fingers which indicates people who have difficulty saying no to their whims, people of ideas and dreams, people of creativity.

I determined my hand thickness was either thin hard or thin very hard. Thin hard indicates selfish nature and self-opinionated people, who are possessive and stubborn, and don’t make friends easily but once they do, they make friends for life. Thin very hard describes it’s people as knowing exactly what they want, possessing strategic skills, and are known to be cold until you get to know them.

I decided the size of my hands are average which signifies down-to-earth individuals with good common sense and moderate views on life. Such people are balanced and healthy and good natured in attitude.

I was able to identify five out of the six possible major lines in a hand. The book says some people see as little as three and at most all six. (I have to be honest, I felt lucky to see five and be able to read that much more!) My hand shows the Heart, Head, and Life lines, and the uncommon mercury and sun line. I do not have the Fate line.

Each line has meaning, the placement and length of the lines even have meaning, and then there are the smaller lines and shapes that run along these lines that carry significant meaning. I was able to see these and determine their meanings and descriptions but I may as well write a whole book in order to explain it all.

While a lot of the lines are much like astrological signs in that they describe characteristics and traits of a person but there are other lines meant to foresee the future.  Lines that create “X” signify a long lasting problem, I have a whole chain of those. Asterisks represent birth or death, interestingly enough, I have exactly two. (Birth of my son, death of my boyfriend maybe?) Lines in certain places have meanings all of their own, some people have them, others don’t. There some lines described as unity lines that show how many major loves you have. I possess three. Yikes!

This “to-do” wasn’t just a quirky little chore to cross of the list, it was one I was interested in and turned out to be very entertaining. It’s something I can cross off my personal bucket list. It’s a new skill, a conversation starter, it’s romantic possibilities. Imagine telling someone else’s fortune. Busting out this odd but exciting talent you secretly have.  It’s sexy.

While not everything I learned about myself was positive, it was in all actuality pretty accurate, and as for the future, well we shall see! But in the meantime I’m going to keep seizing the moment.