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For the past three years, every summer, I attempt the same project. Each year I get a bit further, but never succeed. I’d like to say, I try my hardest, but honestly, I just give up. Usually before the half way point. I could tell you I follow the cliché, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” But truthfully, my motivation for attempting this project each year is because I really want the outcome.

I have always wanted a vegetable garden.

You might remember my post about my desire to have sweet smelling greenery filling my room. I planted lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. They, like most things I plant, didn’t make it. I’m actually disappointed with the company as I followed the instructions; amount of sunlight and water needed, but nothing ever even sprouted. Regardless my herb garden, much like my attempts for vegetables, failed. But this year, I’m knuckling down.

Eva recommends I, “Take up an activity you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to when you were with your partner. For example, painting, learning to play an instrument or horse-riding”. While her examples seem a bit more exciting, I’m applying gardening to this suggestion.

I’m doing it big! I took a trip to Menards and bought the necessary supplies, shovels, rakes, gloves, those cage-like things tomatoes need to grow up, some wire mesh to keep the bunnies at bay, to name a few. I cleared out an eight by fifteen foot area, the grass, the weeds, the remaining rose bushes that once were a beautiful flower garden. I even put up a small 3 tier, 140 brick wall around the area.

I bought seeds but ended up spending Mothers day at the Clovers garden stand right by my house picking out plants with my son and sipping on Starbucks. We came home with two pumpkin plants, a watermelon plant, cantaloupe plant, green pepper, jalapeño pepper, sport pepper plants, two red onion plants, four cucumber plants, grape tomato plants, pear tomato plants, a strawberry bush, spearmint plants, rosemary plants (since our initial efforts failed), and some yellow flowers as that is my sons favorite color and I couldn’t escape without them. Ambitious, I know!

Thus far, I’ve impressed myself with my dedication. I actually started last week Sunday but after walking the MS walk, gardening for 6 hours and finding a tic embedded in son’s scalp, I had to call it a day before finishing. (My yard was a hardcore mess prior to my work). Today I finished clearing the area and installing the bricks.

There’s a frost advisory according to my sister-in-law who I’m counting on for help. So whether it laziness or an attempt to avoid my plants dying on me before they have the chance to live, I’ve decided to put them in the ground tomorrow.

None the less I’m already proud of my vegetable garden. I’m finally getting what I want and am happy to announce I’m doing it on my own! I plan to spend less on produce in the grocery store, an added bonus! And my son who started asking “why?” as soon as he could talk and has yet to stop years later, is getting quite the education from the experience. Summer, often being a time, I looked forward to is likely to be difficult this year with my late boyfriends birth and death anniversary back to back. This garden is going to not only be a great distraction but a space I can got to for comfort. Either way I’m going to make every moment count and to me, that’s the definition of seizing the moment.

((I’ll keep you all updated as I go, maybe even have a vegi stand!))