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I am all about random acts of kindness. I wish I could slow my life down enough to perform them all the time. I wish everyone could slow down enough to perform them all the time. Imagine how much nicer the world would be.

So when I spotted this task of doing something kind for someone without them ever knowing who, without ever getting recognition, came to my attention, I thought how awesome. How simple!

And it was! While at work, I’m a nanny, I grabbed some chalk, took the kids on a walk, and stopped at every house, where we wrote each neighbor a note on the sidewalk. Something simple, “I like your garden” “Have a nice day” “Love the new yard décor” “smile” “Take a deep breath, smell the fresh air” “Enjoy this moment” “You look beautiful” etc.  I even put a friendly,” look both ways before you cross” at each corner. The kids drew pictures as we went and within an hour and a half we had completely finished one block on both sides of the street.

While it was fun to do, the best part was watching the neighbors come home from work and finding the doodles and nice notes we left them. They looked around, up and down the street with smiles on their faces, checking both for who decorated the sidewalk and to see what their neighbors’ message consisted of.

The kids and I sat in the house giggling with delight pleased with our good-doing despite the lack of acknowledgement.

That’s it, it’s simple. I didn’t just seize the moment, I made it for someone else.

And here’s the special part!! The next day I bought some Tea in beer-type , long nose, glass bottle with a twist off cap. It was a new Tea I had never tried before and when I opened it the carbonation caused me drop the cap on the ground.

To my surprise there was a simple note that read aloud, “I am kind”. Recognition after all.

Oh how nice the world can be.