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This week’s to do was rather unexpected. Last weekend was my boyfriend birthday anniversary and this weekend marked the first anniversary of his passing. I had no intentions of accomplishing any “to-do’s”. Certainly not the one I accomplished.

I’ve attempted this to-do twice and never got anywhere both times. It’s just not always easy to put yourself and your needs near the top of your priorities list when you are a parent. And that’s exactly what you have to do for this task.

“Every day, plan something pleasurable to do. It could be talking to a friend, reading a good book, listening to music or seeing a good play. By becoming absorbed in enjoyable activities, you’re less likely to worry about being single”.

I did this one sort of “BIG” but also completely unintentionally. For me, the goal to accomplishing this, was to let it happen, no plans.

It actually all started last weekend with the breaking into the cemetery and enjoying a party for my deceased boyfriend. I anticipated the content feeling I achieved last weekend to be flooded out by the everyday business and stress that is my life. But instead I was pleasantly surprised!

On Sunday I woke up to my son yelling, “bye mom, pa’s taking me to the carnival”. For which I quickly replied, “Give me five minutes” and off we went!

Monday, though I had to work, I packed up three children and head out to a place from my childhood, The Little Red School House. The red school house itself is being renovated but an amazingly big stone building with six times the space and many more displays was recently built and open. There was also the trails, the bee hive exhibit, the many ponds and protected wetlands that were filled with animals, including my one of my favorites, snakes!

My grandparents, who are in their eighties might I had, were watching my son for me in the morning and unexpectedly invited him to stay the rest of day. Allowing me time to knock things off my to-do list that I didn’t anticipate finishing in a very timely manner.

Wednesday I took the children I nanny for to Forest the Foxes playbox. A rather hidden jem in my neighborhood in comparison to ever crowded, Monkey Business. It’s a measly 3 dollars to get in and the kids had the place to themselves most the day, while I got some reading in.
More excitingly, I bought myself a rather expensive item that I talked the salesman down to 50%. I had wanted one for years but always talked myself out of it. I’m happy to announce I am now the owner of a Nordictrack C900 Pro Treadmill complete with an ifit module and subscription.

The family I nanny for on Thursday had requested I stay in with the children that day, one of them had recently been sick and they wanted to make sure he received adequate rest. For the record, staying in with four kids; one seven year old, two four year olds, and a fourteen month old is not an option in my book. By 9a.m. I always feel like I’ve been through a war. However, I was determined not to let this ruin my day. We made a rainy day list complete with homemade pizzas, baking blueberry muffins, a tea party, science experiments full of fizzy things, and movie theatre set up with popcorn and smoothies. The kids were entranced all day and I stayed sane and even had fun!

Friday I took the day off and headed downtown to enjoy a free day at the Museum of Science and industry. You’d think it would be a hot mess there, being free and all, but there aren’t any lines to get tickets and get in. The only place there was, was the lunch room, which was cleared out by one. (Note to self:  Next time bring morning snacks and don’t eat lunch til one). We saw everything we wanted to and more. I saw my son in a new way. I realized I spend so much time working, chauffeuring other peoples’ children around and visiting places with more kids then I can count on one hand. My son is always included in these activities but he never gets the one-on-one attention of the only child that he is. At the museum he shared such intelligent conversations with me and I saw him really engaged in ways I had missed before while I was busy counting heads.

I worked most of Saturday but also spent so much need time with my little sister. We rented This is Forty and enjoy some Moscato.

Which brings us to Sunday, the anniversary of boyfriends passing. My son and I made a trip to the cemetery to bring our dozens of flowers, just the two of us. We came home and took a nap. And then attended a family graduation party where people kindly acknowledged the date and then proceeded to keep my mind off it.

Every day, something nice. That’s seizing the moment.