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Make a list of quirky things you’d like to do now that you have time, such as learn to play bridge, throw a boomerang, make the perfect lemon mousse, dive off a diving board, stand under a waterfall, ice-skate backwards…Try to tick at least one thing off your list every month.

I’ve put this to do off. (I think I do that a lot.) It seems to me these tasks are becoming more difficult to accomplish. The problem with this one is that it requires adding more things to do to the already lengthy list that Eva’s Gizowska’s book.

But here it is, my personal “To do” list. It was simple really, these are things I’ve been dreaming up for years. You can be the judge of quirky they are. Quirky is one of my favorite words to describe myself. Though some would disagree with that self-description.  In my book, quirky goes hand-in-hand with weird in a good, mysterious kind of way.

A lot of people would consider this just a list of small goals to accomplish or a bucket list. I like to think of it more as secret talents I intend to posses. (As well as some activities I’m interested in but rarely if ever have the opportunity to do.)

I don’t necessarily have the time for them any more so then when my boyfriend was alive, but I do have a stronger desire to make them happen. I can’t keep living for what’s ahead of me and hope I’ll have the time.

Slowly, but surely, I am becoming less focused on what I’m supposed to do, what is expected, and more so on what I want, and what I want right now.

I’ll write about them as I accomplish them!

  1. Go to a cigar lounge
  2. Learn to pole dance
  3. Visit a palm reader/ medium
  4. Take up a self defense class
  5. Learn to make sushi
  6. Go to a wine tasting/class
  7. Pet an elephant
  8. Learn 5 origami shapes
  9. Take a hot air balloon ride
  10.  Learn to make 15 mix drinks and shots
  11. Memorize the alphabet backward
  12. Master making one unusual/difficult dessert from scratch
  13. Take up a salsa dance class
  14. Become a pen pail or send a message in a bottle
  15. Learn the ins and out of guns and improve shooting
  16. Have a boudoir photo shoot
  17. Master a card game
  18. Study one of my nationality’s languages until I’m fluent