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Eva’s book Things to do now that you’re…Single Again has quite a few random quotes that I haven’t paid much attention to. However this one, said by Angelina Jolie, “It’s just such a freeing thing to set great challenges for yourself, to travel, to learn more about the world, to just go out there and get crazy and get free and get strong” inspired me to be proactive about the quirky goal list that I came up with last week.

And ok, so maybe my list isn’t as extravagant as traveling, baby steps people. I’ll get there, and in the meantime I am more than satisfied with the list I created. If I accomplished this list and someone gave a eulogy at my funeral giving a rundown of my quirky achievements, I’d be just fine, as a guest I’d be entertained. (Though maybe they should leave out the strip pole dancing.)

Regardless, one down! If you know me personally, you may have your assumptions about which quirky goal I completed. (I posted the above picture on Facebook) This Friday I attended the Eyes to the Skies Hot Air Balloon festival. Somewhere between 10-20 Hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes are blown up for the community to come see. At night it makes a spectacular display of light! You can walk right up to the baskets and ask the pilots questions, take photographs, feel the heat of the fire that fills the balloons with hot air, and kids can collect cards describing the height and weight of each balloon. If you’re lucky enough to know a pilot there, you may even get to climb in the basket and be a part of the crew, like I was!

Unfortunately, that was the extent of my Hot air balloon experience, for now. The balloons launch at 5:30 am and 6:30 pm if weather and wind conditions permit, which is rare.

But the festival has plenty of other things to do! There is a carnival full of rides, mass amounts of food vendors, a kids zone, stage for performances, and dozens of craft fair, flea market-type stands. Including a psychic reader!

Visiting a psychic at a fair wasn’t my plan, but I saw it and couldn’t resist. Of the four psychics sitting at small tables under the tent, I was particularly drawn to one gentleman. He asked for my name which I of so wit-fully told him, he was supposed to know. He laughed it off and asked me to spilt the deck of tarot cards any three ways. I couldn’t tell you much about the cards or the meanings each had individually but here’s what I got from my reading.

He quickly pulled a card that had to do with being a nurturer.
Check, I am indeed.

He pulled a relationship card and stated he was seeing three of us.

Three cards in a row the 7, 8, 9, of pinnacles suggested I was or would be financially stable and successful in life.
Good to hear, and I have some suspicions on how this could be very true.

“This was the year for me”, he said. If I want to try a new business venture, relationship, or some other kind of challenge, this was the time for me to do it. I’d be successful.
This one sounded a bit phony, but I’ll take it.

He said children were drawn to me and followed that up by questioning what I do for a living.
Check, I’m a nanny.

He said he sensed some psychic awareness and followed that up with asking if I was a heavy dreamer.
Check and check. I do dream a lot, and deeply, and more real then I think is typical. When I was nine I dreamt my great-grandfather passed away and week later he did. That was just the first of my “psychic dreams”. Even just last year, a week before leaving for Florida, I dreamt while my family was on vacation someone in my family passed away and my mother had to leave early. Someone did pass away in my family, my boyfriend, and I was the one to leave early.

He referred back to the relationship card he first pulled and said he was still waiting for the emperor to show up so we could discuss what the cards said about my future as far as relationships are involved.  He said typically relationships are what psychics read the most of and discuss the longest. After going on for awhile he asked if I was married before suggesting that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be in a relationship.
Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

He continued that others probably sensed that and when I was ready to be open to one, I’d have no problem, but the emperor never showed up.

Maybe you don’t buy into this type of thing. My sister’s theory is, “when it’s good news, I tell everyone. When it’s bad, I tell everyone it’s not real”. My father thinks it a waste of money and finds a way to rip everything they say a part. I consider myself to be pretty critical, I left my answer very opened ended, my facial expression never changed. I certainly didn’t make it easy for him to read me, as far as I’m concerned, he had to go based on the cards. I wouldn’t live by what the cards say, but I put as much faith in them, as doubt. It’s only fair!

Ultimately, it was thrilling to experience and brought a weird sense of calmness over me. I’m finding that combination of emotions to be my favorite. Perfect for achieving a goal, perfect for seizing the moment!

And I’m adding a nineteenth goal to my list!
19. Travel to another country to do some charitable work