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Eva Gizowska’s book recommends I try to, “Be daring. Go to the funfair on your own. There’s no one to see you making a fool of yourself. So, try all the rides, eat candyfloss and scream when you’re scared!”

Funfair season is pretty much over, seems they all occur about the same time, 4th of July. But just last weekend Naperville hosted an Ale Fest. Now beer, isn’t really my thing. I actually don’t drink it at all. I tried it back in highschool, decided I didn’t like the taste, and didn’t force myself to learn to like it as everyone suggested. And while I know, hand crafted ales are more of an art than your gas station case of beer, this fest still wasn’t my…cup of tea?

It actually came about when my uncle’s buddy decided to start a business, Beer Dogging. Beer dogging is much like the Groupon for beer establishments except you pay for the membership instead of purchasing a discounted deal. You can sign up from a free membership and receive one time deals to restaurants, stores, and bars that have an abundance of hand crafted brews. Or you can purchase an Alpha dog membership for 25$ which includes a t-shirt and membership card that gets you deals every time you go to one of the many sponsor locations. It’s actually a pretty neat concept and if you’re interested in it you can check out the link below or download the app to your smart phone.


Now what does is have to do with Eva’s proposal? Well I went alone. I didn’t know anyone there and I knew nothing about beer, but I went. I actually helped out at the Beer Dogging tent so I met an abundance of people, mostly young guys. (Which was a nice bonus for my eyes!)

The very first line in Eva’s idea is “be daring”. This whole chapter, seize the moment, seems to be about that. Trying new things, doing what you’ve always wanted, reaching for your dreams and such. Now I realize, her advice is given to help navigate the initial time period after a break up where you need to get out, stay distracted, and get over it before reacquainting yourself with who you are as an individual, but I like to dare myself to establish and maintain my independence often. Sounds silly but read on…

My cousins once told me it was a goal of hers to go to the movies alone, “it builds character” she said. I admired her for that and made it a goal of my own. I haven’t made it to the movies alone, but last year I went to Vegas by myself. I’ve gotten over eating at a restaurant alone and do it regularly now. (Something I pitied, ever since I saw a man in his eighties get stood up by a date. For his sake I always hoped that the old woman who blew him off had had a heart attack as opposed to simply blowing off their date).

Back to my point, doing things alone, is daring. And character building! Too often the second we are left alone we feel like an outcast and immediately grab our phones for security, like we’re busy, not losers. Because unfortunately, we often confuse someone who is by themselves, as a loner, and therefore, loser, when in actuality those people are demonstrating independence and confidence.  To engage in an activity alone in public is daring! Try it! It gets easy over time as you build your own confidence.

Not only did I attend this event alone, but I tried the different ales. I don’t just seize the moment, I own it!