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I’m going to keep this post as short and simple as Eva Gizowska’s suggestion.

“Head to the nearest beach and work on that sun-kissed glow”

That’s exactly what I did! Ok ok, not so much the sun-kissed glow part. I occasionally work on that in those disgusting cancer sentencing, addictive tanning beds, that suck money out of your pockets when the sun offers UV for free. Poor choice, I know.

Let’s focus on the part I did accomplish! Heading to the beach, though not the nearest one, I packed up the car and hit the road with my son. We got there, set up shop…well tent, enjoyed a picnic lunch and jumping in the waves. I was shocked by how much my son, who never leaves the stairs in the pool, enjoyed swimming out to the sandbar with me to take on the waves.

Afterwards we enjoyed dinner at a famous burger joint, Redamak’s, in New Buffalo MI. We followed that up with ice cream down the street at oinks. Both places I had spent many summers at as a kid with my extended family. It was great to share that experience and tradition with my own child.

I stopped at the store to buy my son a comfy pillow before hitting the road again, but he stayed awake talking to me for the hour and half long drive back home, hours past his bed time.

I experienced a new side to my child spending the day together doing something we hadn’t before. And at the end of it all he thanked me with a tight squeeze and big kiss. Talk about son-kissed!

A moment not just to be seized, but remembered for a lifetime.