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Eva Gizowska’s Things to do don’t always require a big production. The most recent goal that I accomplished was rather humbling, and simple. She suggests those coming out of a relationship, “Notice how many things you used to take for granted. Reacquaint yourself with small pleasures in life. Go for a walk in the rain and splash in the puddles. Notice how fresh the air smells.”

Sounds kinda boring.

It honestly probably would be if I went this one alone. Truthfully, completing this task wasn’t even on my radar. Walking in the rain seems kind of, well take your pick;
A. pointless
B. juvenile
C. less than brilliant
D. All the above.

I haven’t purposely spent time in the rain since I was a freshman in highschool and dancing in the rain was entertainment, but looking back on it, it was D. all the above. Between remembering that moment perfectly and dreading the rain when it falls while I’m running errands now days, I really couldn’t see why this assignment was important.

Interestingly enough, someone from my highschool days has recently showed up in my life and in an effort to hang out with me, has taken up going on walks late in the evening.

On our first such occasion it happened to be drizzle just the slightest bit, and I do mean slightest, after quite an eventful storm. The air was certainly fresh, and thick. The fog was so dense we couldn’t see much ahead of us. Infact, as we walked into the park near my house we couldn’t see even a few feet ahead of us. We played like school kids loosing each other in the foggy night and yelling “Marco Polo” til we stumbled into one another. As the fog lifted we noticed how bright the stars were and stood there for awhile pretending to point out the big dipper.

That night was quite entertaining and we’ve since taken up walking on a semi-regular basis. This tradition blows my mind, as I didn’t care much for this guy in highschool. He was frankly, a douche. We had what I described as a love-hate relationship, minus the love. He was a trouble making prick that I thought could use my help. I always felt like he immaturely “gave me shit” like a school boy with a crush. Turns out we were just two people with bad impressions of each other, though even he admits he was a prick.

Now we are enjoying each other’s company. He’s unknowingly helping me accomplish goals and I’m diminishing whatever negative thoughts he had of me. I’m reacquainting myself with him and with the small things, the simple pleasures in life.

Something as simple and mundane as walking in the rain has turned into a stress relieving routine that leaves me feeling rejuvenated .

Next time it’s raining, you’ll find me seizing the moment.