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Eva’s Gizowska’s book, “Things to do now that You’re…Single Again” has eight chapters. And while for the most part I’ve been busy completing the first one, Seize the moment, I am starting to integrate chapter two, Create a Healthy, Happy You, into the mix.

Chapter two address the “health risks” we can face during the dissolution of a relationship. I understand how silly that sounds but let’s not fool ourselves, break ups at the very least cause stress, and stress can take a powerful toll on our body and minds. According to Eva’s book, “A number of studies suggest that the trauma of breaking up with a partner can lead to all sorts of health problems including migraines, skin problems, depression and insomnia-even heart disease”. And as someone whose “break up” occurred according to death, I’ve experienced all of the above in the last year or so, expect heart disease.

So with all that in mind, I’m embarking on a new chapter to get healthy again!

The first tid bit I found accomplishable was Eva’s suggestion to add some greenery to your work place. You may remember one of my earlier post in which I attempted to grow some plants; rosemary, lavender, spearmint. They never took off. L So this time around I simply bought an already blossoming orchid. Something I’ve wanted for quite some time! I purchased it on sale at whole foods for 10$ though I learned after you can get them for $5 at home depot. Boo.

What’s the point of this?

According to Eva, “With no partner to rush home to, it can be tempting to spend longer hours in the office. This could earn you’re a promotion. But all those long hours in front of the computer won’t do your health much good. Research show computers and office equipment all emit invisible yet harmful pollutants. One simple way to protect yourself is to place green plants near computers, photocopiers, printers and faxes. Even a small cactus plant, for example, can help counteract the effects of radiation, and green plants generally can minimize effects of pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and other chemicals from office machinery”.

(I didn’t know plants were so fuckin’ awesome! I mean I know they help with pollution, but I’m about to dec my room out with them!)

Still unsure why I picked an orchid for my room?

My workplace changes daily, but at the end of the day I come home to spend hours on my computer either doing school work or running a nonprofit organization. A 40 hour work week would be a luxury for me, as I start work at 7am and work well into the night everyday.  Ever since my boyfriends passing I’ve used work, school, and the non profit to avoid grieving. Saying it’s “tempting” to spend longer hours in the office is an understatement, it’s an addiction for me, and I can’t seem to stop or restore balance to my life.

Recently I’ve dropped one of my jobs to allow myself a day off as I often work most weekends too. But no sooner did I quit that job, I picked up a volunteer opportunity. I have this problem where I believe when I’m not doing something productive, I’m doing nothing, I’m worthless. Whereas most people would just say, “they are relaxing”. And it’s much deserved!

Still, I’m working toward making my schedule more accommodating to some downtime. I’m experiencing health issues that the doctor believes is a direct consequence of stress and while likely be irreversible if I don’t slow down.

I know a plant isn’t going to fix my problems, but flowers in distress wilt and die. I can’t help but recognize the correlation between them and that of human health. So this flower, that sits next to my computer as I’m working into the evening is the reminder to slow down, stop and go to bed. Somethings can wait til tomorrow, my health, my happiness, they can’t.