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It’s my least favorite holiday of the year! (Check the “about” section for more info on that.) However, it also marks one year since the start of my blog. I’m admittedly not the most consistent writer, but the good news is I never promised to be.

Tonight I’m reviewing my accomplishments. For those of you just tuning in. Let’s recap.

I started this blog 6 months after my boyfriend of eight years and the father of my son passed away. My life had been…well who knows it was blur. No, I wasn’t drunk. I just wasn’t really living. I was doing what I needed to get through the day, with no grip on reality, no structure or organization to my life. I stumbled upon this book by Eva Gizowska, “Things to do now that you’re…single again”  and decided to make it my own version of the bible. The first chapter was seize the moment and below is a list of my accomplished “things to do”.  (The blog titles were all “seize the moment: …..whatever you see in parenthesis)

Of the 73 things to do in Eva Gizowska’s first chapter seize the moment, I completed 27. Now you may think that’s an epic failure, I didn’t even complete half. But I prefer to look at the positives!
And hey, YOU do that many (or more) while single handedly raising a young child, working three jobs, going to school, and running a non-profit organization, tell me how that goes?

This year I…

  1. Had a good clearing out of my room. De-cluttering my room was the right start to de-cluttering my life. (Clean sweep!)
  2. Put trust in myself and in the unknowing by letting go of the baggage I was carrying from past relationships (Making room for new Beginnings)
  3. Marked a new beginning by planted an herb garden. —it didn’t prosper as hoped but my garden over the summer made up for it! (Making room for new Beginnings)
  4. Danced. Publicly. I publicly dance in a room full of people that knew me. (Dance)
  5. Took night classes just because! On a subject I’ve been wanting to learn; American Sign Language (Embracing the Nerd)
  6. Volunteered in the community (Do Good)
  7. Allowed myself to let go of responsibility, be spontaneous and relax enough to enjoy it. (Responsibility-less)
  8. Got butterflies in my stomach. Self-induced, adrenaline filled, love-less butterflies from publicly speaking in front of a crowd of highschool students about loosing my boyfriend to an overdose. (Still getting butterflies)
  9. Stared a regular get together with friends. It started, went on for a few months and then ended but it was a good attempt while it lasted! (Out to dinner)
  10. Started a Book club. This one lasted! My cousins and I are still meeting every other month to converse about our book and other family gossip over appetizers and cocktails. Their diverse taste has led me to read books I otherwise never would have and try new foods too! (Book Club)
  11. Embraced my singularity and my free spirit while flying a kite with my son. I’m not very good at kite flying so I’m not sure what that means for my free spirit but I’m going to keep trying. (Let’s all go fly a kite)
  12. Upgraded Eva’s suggestion to enjoy a relaxing bath by going to the spa. (Making the most of it; Spa upgrade)
  13. Learned to read palms. Though I think I’ve forgotten a good chunk of how. (By seeing the future?)
  14. Planted an incredible vegetable garden. Something I wanted to do for years but never seemed to feel capable of doing on my own. Not only did I do it but oh how it grew and produced vegetable upon vegetables. (Getting what I want on my own)
  15. Performed a small but random act of kindness for the whole neighborhood to enjoy by simply writing notes to my neighbors on the sidewalk with chalk.  (Kindness)
  16. Decided to view life more optimistically (Optimistically, not letting it pass me by.)
  17. Threw a party. Sorta. (Optimistically, not letting it pass me by.)
  18. Spent an entire week finding something pleasurable to do for myself each day. (Everyday something nice)
  19. Made a list of quirky goals that I hope to complete and got off to a good start on some of them. (Quirky goals)
  20. Challenged myself (quirky goal complete)
  21. Did something daring and went to a beer fest all on my own. (I Dare You)
  22. Hit up the beach. (Son-kissed)
  23. Broke some rules and did some things I’m certainly not going to share on a blog for the world to see. (breaking the rules)
  24. Got reacquainted with the small pleasures in life by simply enjoying a walk on a very foggy night. (in the rain)
  25. Shared my knowledge and my talents. Publicly speaking about drug education and overdose prevention. (Share you knowledge, save a life)
  26. Called a friend I had fallen out of touch with and ended up at dinner. (Call a friend)
  27. Sat by a fire and fell in love with it. Seriously it’s soooo peaceful and the company was such a bonus. (in front of the fire)

I also threw in a few from the upcoming chapter Create a Healthy Happy You.


  1. Cleansed my system (Detox)
  2. Found the window to my happiness… (single)
  3. ….after having just relinquished my journey to do so. (single)
  4. Bought a plant to bring good oxygen to my room’s carbon footprint. (longevity)

The next year is going to be dedicated to this chapter and for months I’ve been planning my goals. Brace yourself, bitches! This year isn’t about spontaneity. It’s about feeling good, looking good, better health, and more happiness! Don’t worry I won’t bore you with my diet secrets every week and I’m still going to throw in moments that I seize. But the focus of the next chapter in my life isn’t going to be about distracting myself with fun activities to keep my mind of what I lost. This next chapter, is about learning to love being single, to love myself, and to let it show. And boy, this time next year, I am going to let it be seen! Stay tuned!