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I found this quote from Eva’s book by Louise L. Hay to be the perfect one for the start of my new year. “If you don’t eat right and you don’t know how to take care of your body, you’re not going to have energy to do anything wonderful”.

The next chapter is self explanatory by the chapter title, “Create a Healthy, Happy you”. Now I promised not to just be ALL about food and exercise because god only knows the world needs one more blog discussing dieting.


This year, this blog, will be so much more than that. It’s not just a full body transformation. It’s going to be mind altering. It’s about my health; both physical and mental, it’s trying to new methods, it’s self care, it’s holistic approaches, and zen. It’s centering myself. It’s relearning to take of me. Because if I don’t, how will I ever be able to do anything wonderful?

In all my relationships I have always been a nurturer.  Not just romantic ones, my friendships too. I’m always looking out for people, always mothering them, always offering advice, and always willing to dish out the cash to make people happy if that’s what it takes. (And i’m not saying I have the cash to dish out. I mean come on, I’m a single young mom.)

I lose track of myself in relationships. I strive to do what is necessary to make the other person happy. Sure, I get satisfaction out of seeing others happy. However, it’s typically at my expense. Somehow, I lose track of my own wants and sacrifice my needs. So it’s time for some self-centering. (Not to be confused with it’s “selfish” correlation)

This however, is going to require energy, and for that I’m utilizing my detox. Now if you want the recipes I use, refer back to the post last year, when I shared my secret regimen.

Why do it? Energy!

I have this simple theory that eating crap, makes you feel like crap. Ya know, ” you are what you eat”. Knowing this year I was beginning a new chapter I allowed myself to overindulge all of December. So ready ,set, detox! Detoxing somehow magically provides me with more energy than the typical amount of coffee, tea and soda I consume each day. In addition to detoxing, ‘I’ve also started multiple forms of exercise. But more on that another day.

I wanted to start this year out with my best foot forward. So when I saw Eva’s suggestion to, “Put the spring back in your step with a revitalizing foot spa. Mix essential oils-2 drops geranium and 2 drops of orange -into a base oil such as almond, and add to a bowl of warm water. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes”. I knew this was the first of my new year’s “to do’s”!

I headed to the Whole Foods (I happen to live right next to one!) and located the section of the store I rarely purchased from, but habitually browsed through. The isle of soaps, oils, incense, and salts. I located the three oils she mentioned and 30 dollars later was home soaking my feet! Rejuvenating indeed, much like I suspect the rest of this year will be.

One step toward creating a healthy happy me!