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This past week I attempted one of Eva’s suggestions to Create a Healthy, Happy me that I’ve been hoping to for quite some time. I didn’t even know it was one of her recommendations, it was really just something I wanted, and more importantly needed to do.

Basically, she suggests getting some sleep. The quote, more in depth, reminds us not to skimp on sleep while enjoying our new single life whether it be to partying or working or working out. Something about getting the expert recommended seven hours or whatever it is that makes us feel refreshed. And cutting out caffeine or listening to a relaxing tape if we have trouble falling asleep at night.

Ever since my boyfriend’s passing I have a hard time going to sleep. I’m so used to him being next to me, falling asleep to his snoring, and occasionally rolling into each other, not to mention the warmth that radiated off his body and kept me cozy all night. Most nights, and I really do mean MOST, since his passing a year and half ago I haven’t gone to be before 2 a.m.

You can imagine what that has done to my looks and health. Chances are your image is accurate.

I’m constantly sleep deprived as i’m not sleeping during the day and up like everybody else early in the morning to get my son off to school. So with this years goal being happiness and health I knew i’d need to get more sleep. Plus with this new job and my employer expecting a little one soon, i’m going to need it.

Last year I drank coffee and soda allll day long. I drank so much that it didn’t even prevent me from sleeping. I was immune to caffeine’s high and and heavily dependent on it, addicted. At the beginning of the year I started watching what I eat and documenting it. I limited myself to one caffeinated drink a day, typically tea first thing in the morning. (Part 1, check!)

Side bar: I recommend trying sleepy time teas. They are tasty and whether they work or are just making me think they work, they give me the mentality I need to help me knock out!

Currently I sleep with a fan on, despite our current -15 degree winter temperatures. I need the noise to help me sleep. But i’m looking into a sound machine, i’m just not sure which one I want. (Part 2, in progress).

Sleep. My goal is to be in bed by 10 and I’ve been pretty good about that this past week. The problem is falling asleep. I’m going to bed around midnight these days and while i’m aiming for earlier, that’s a two hour increase of sleep each night. (Part 3, getting there!)

My health and my looks may not be seeing the results of a better nights rest quite yet, but my mood is seeing some improvements and I’d say that’s essential to a happy healthy you!

Off to bed, i’m clearly late. (yawn)