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I promised this blog wouldn’t turn into a weight loss cliche when starting this new chapter, Healthy Happy You. And i’m going to keep that promise! However, Eva’s chapter on healthy and happiness is without question geared toward getting it’s readers to the happiest and healthiest form they can be. And in all honesty, sometimes that means weight loss.

Let’s be clear. I’m not implying you have to be skinny or lose weight to be healthy and happy. (Nor is Eva, from my understanding). We all have our ideal standards or norms. As someone who has bounced up and down the scale, I know what weight I feel my best at. It has NOTHING to do with the number on the scale and everything to do with the way in which I feel in my skin. I have been too skinny before and felt vulnerable to a gust of wind. I have also been too heavy for my knees to handle my weight. Seriously. There was a time i’d fall on regular basis and it was concluded my knees didn’t have the strength to carry the unusual and significant amount of weight I had put on in a short amount of time.

Currently my body feels older then my age, worn down, and heavy. I need to lose weight. Those are not somebody else’s standards. I’m not trying to reach some socially or medically set norm. I’m trying to reach what I consider a reasonable goal for myself, for my health, for my happiness.

All that being said, Eva’s book has some helpful suggestions that i’ll be taking! One such suggestions is to avoid temptations! Eva says, “It’s tempting to just grave haphazardly on food when you’re on your own. But you need to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, and prevent those energy highs and lows that munching sugary or fatty snacks can cause”.

So here I am coming clean! For the past three weeks I have been following weight watchers. I used this program to drop about 30lbs after the birth of my son. I didn’t stay on the maintenance program and steadily gained all the weight back.  In the past few weeks I have lost nearly 5lbs. Which to me is a healthy and solid weight loss. I cannot yet feel the effects but there are certainly some parts that I can see a difference.

One of the first things I remembered is that i actually eat alot more when dieting, then I do when i’m not. The difference is in my choices. Instead of a handful of m&m’s or blueberry muffin i’m having fruit, vegetables with dip, or a single piece of a dark chocolate candy bar. The choices I was making before are either full of sugars or full of carbs which ultimately break down into sugars, thus the highs and lows. Sugar free jello, unsweetened pickles, sugar snap peas, and bananas are my go-to now. They are far more filling and sustaining then my former options.

At my current weight loss rate, I will be meeting my “goal weight” in a few months. While I understand it’s not the key to happiness, I’m looking forward to the increase in my health.