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With so much going on I have regrettably fallen behind, but here’s a post worth the wait!

Eva Gizowska has a recommendation that when I first read I loved but thought impossible. She suggests, ” Apply to be an extra in a film. If you’re lucky, you’ll earn some money and have a lot of fun. And never know who you might meet.”

Indeed luck is required for that to happen, and luck I happen to have struck. Sort of.

I didn’t go out looking for this opportunity as I had planned. A friend on facebook linked me up to a few agencies that regularly look for people to be extras in my hometown area but I hadn’t taken the time to follow up on them. I wasn’t quite sure how i’d fit in the time to go anyway.

Three weeks ago I went out to dinner with some lovely woman who all happen to be founders of non profit organizations that advocate for the same cause as mine. We often work together to reach the same goals and dinner was overdue. One of the woman who is regularly contacted to share her story in the media had received a phone call from Harpo Studios. (If by chance you don’t know who OWN’s Harpo studios, the answer is Oprah Winfrey.) They were looking for people who had lost someone or was in recovery to share their experience.

To keep this story short, I was chosen to go to Harpo for a filmed interview. I got to experience the security guard checking me in to confirm I was on “the list”, the studio, the professional makeup artist who’d been there 15 years and made up countless famous people, and the green room. It was quite amazing!

The interview itself was very awkward. I had to stare directly at the camera, not as easy as it sounds, and I was hoping to discuss my advocacy work, not just my personal experience. I was ill prepared for the questions asked, and extremely uncomfortable. So all in all I was very disappointed with how the interview went.

However, I am beyond grateful for the learning experience, for the opportunity to be there, for the fact that Oprah is taking the time to address the issue. Oprah is a once in a life time experience and I’m not sure there is a better way to seize the moment than achieving what we believe is impossible.

I’m very interested to see how it turns out. We shall see when Oprah Prime airs Sunday March 9th. #wakethenation