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With last weeks goal accomplishment being kind of a big deal, this weeks needed to be stress-reducing.

Eva makes the simple suggestion to “listen to music that makes you feel good”.

My sister, who is in school out of state, came home for the holidays back in December and brought with her the Beyonce CD, the one Yonce (that’s what she’s now calling herself) dropped over night without any marketing and still skyrocketed.

I was too busy listening to Britney Spears recent release to be bothered but my sister was only in town for two weeks and I wanted to bond with her, so beyonce took over.

And by took over I mean i’ve been listening to her on repeat ever since.

“Did you hear that new song on the radio”
“Radio, what’s that?”
^this sums up all conversations about music for me.

Her album reminds me of the the young care-free highschooler I once was long long ago before my son was born, before my boyfriend died, before all responsibilities were left on my shoulders and mine alone. It’s not that the songs are great, though they are. It’s that listening to them empowers me. She has such clearly feminist messages in some of them and they make me feel tough and strong and independent. Plain and simple, I feel like a badass jamming out to her.

I feel like superwoman when I listen to her new album and I think that feeling is deserved.

I’m a single, young mom, going to school, working multiple jobs, running a nonprofit, dealing with my son’s grief after loosing his father and my own. And i’m doing a damn good job, i’m embracing what life has brought me. I don’t need someone else to tell me they are proud of me anymore. I’m allowed to vocalize the fact that regardless of what others think, i’m proud of myself.

Coming to that conclusion; discovering I am powerful, that’s what woman should do when they find themselves single. That’s how we start to create a healthy, happy you!