Every December 31st on the eve of a new year starting, people everywhere are making promises of some type to themselves. I’ve never bought into the hype, infact I tend to go to bed early in spite of the “holiday” and it’s traditions. My attitude, of ignoring this holiday, will be much the same this year.

Quite honestly, the timing of creating this blog and it’s name with the holiday are quite coincidental.

You see my life for the past year has been, unfortunate. It started with a “mid-life crisis”, I lost my long-term boyfriend half way into the year along with my job, and with the year ending I still can’t seem to recover from either.  I have never experienced such a prolonged transition in life and with no end in sight it’s time I call myself out for the lack of control and start calling the shots.

That’s what this blog is all about. It’s not my new years resolution to quit swearing, lose weight, or spend more time with my family. It’s my determination to find a better path, my strong will to declare a new me, a soul searching journey to bring purpose back to my life.

The timing has much more to do with a book I have recently stumbled upon titled “things to do now that you’re…single again” by Eva Gizowska. The book is filled inspiring quotes and ofcourse, things to do. I have made it my goal to complete the book and it’s “things to do” in what I anticipate to be an exciting and blog worthy year full of surprise and new knowledge of mostly, myself.

As I find myself unexpectedly single again after eight years and learning what being single, really means.


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